Program screen font problem (embarrassing admittance)

I just loaded WEBodm onto my computer for the first time and after fat finger playing around with the zoom in and zoom out keys in my first reconstructed project, I somehow shrunk the program font size to where it is almost unrecognizable. Nothing is working to restore them. :rage: It only seems to be for this program though! :thinking:

I know what some may be thinking. “Just uninstall it and remove the program files. Reinstall and wallah, back to normal.” Right?

Well, tried that. No go. Any thoughts on what I could have done and the fix?


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CTRL+0 should reset zoom, as should using the View menu entries on the top of the program window.

Thought you may be on to something there. Tried it. It didn’t work. I also checked the display percentage in the settings page. It’s at recommended setting. Also tried forced reload function of Ctrl+Shift+R. Nothing :rage:

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Oh, that’s fun.

What operating system are you using?

Windows 10

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Really wish i knew more about computers. I am an Electrician by trade and EE by degree but my concentrated study is true power, distribution power, solar, etc…

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Would you be willing to send a screenshot?

It would be helpful to know which browser and what extensions you have running.

Or maybe try installing and using another browser.
Like installing Google Chrome or Chromium or Brave etc. Or if you use something Chromium based (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave etc.) try Firefox (or Librewolf). Or at least run the same browser from a different user account or with a new/fresh profile.
I do not think you could have changed the interface settings of WebODM with a few key strokes, it is probably a setting in the browser.

Another possibility would be, that the system font settings were changed, but then you would see that in more places.


I had to reset my computer period the good thing to all of this is that just two days ago I purchased a new computer with Sixteen GB on the graphics card just to be able to handle some of these programs better .