Professional training services for OpenDroneMap

My name is Víctor Centella, I work for the cartography department of the company Prodevelop in Spain.

I am writing because we are acquiring a drone equipment for a final client of a port located in Cameroon, who needs a drone to be able to carry out studies in its port area.

The client would like to acquire drones with sensors for obtaining ortophotos and altimetric data, with an image accuracy of at least 5 cm.

For the image processing we are considering several software, including OpenDroneMap, but we will need to give to them some training. For them is very important the training part, so if anyone could offer training services for OpenDroneMap, we could considere it in our final offer. The training part with OpenDroneMap has to be performed in-situ in Cameroon, at least for the initial training.

If somenone is interested please contact me.

Thank you,



Hi Victor!

As for the GSD of the drones, that depends entirely upon how high you want/need to fly!

For reference, the GSD of a 12MP sensor like a GoPro Hero4 Black on a 3DR Solo is about 4.34cm/px at 122m (400ft) AGL.

For something with a higher MP count, like an Anafi for instance, you’d have almost double the resolution at the same flight height.

Thanks for the information Saijin.

But we would like to know is there is someone who could offer professional training services for OpenDroneMap.

Thank you

Hi, Victor. Yes there are I believe 4 or 5 people here who provide training and workshops related to OpenDroneMap. We just completed a workshop for the United Nations this week, and others have been scattered throughout the year. These are generally done remotely due to COVID and travel logistics. The specific people involved usually depends on schedule and desired material, but I am confident we could arrange something for you. If you would like to set up a call to discuss, send me a message and I will coordinate.


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