Production Setup


Hi All,

We are preparing to make a production deployment of WebODM for one of our clients.

Can you offer any ‘check list’ for a production deployment in terms for application settings?

Also we wish to split the app and DB onto separate servers (perhaps the workers also). Is there any instructions for this?

Instructions for use SSL again only works with docker deployments, can we have some instructions for native installs?




This entirely depends on what you would consider a production deployment. For some, ODM in VirtualBox on a laptop is a perfectly acceptable production deployment. For others that need reliability or redundancy you’re going to have to decided what you need first, then spend a bit of time on a proper system design.

I’m using ODM at scale - some notes at the bottom of the rant here (CTRL + F ‘bare metal’), but I haven’t made any adjustments to ODM itself to make it ‘production ready’. You just need to make sure it’s resourced correctly and it’ll work just fine.


Thanks @ITWarrior yes I have been using a test environment on Digital Ocean with WebODM running on a VM and one ‘head’ Processing node running on Docker on another DO VM. I scale up the processing node when I need more ram then scale it right back down when I’m done.

I will read your info about bare metal I would much rather go this way.


No worries, happy to help with any questions. If you’re building an environment for a client of yours then take a look at for some design inspiration, or get in touch and we can look at doing one with your own domain/branding. We can even provide the compute if you’re keen to outsource.