Production can't accept the modification do in the dev mode

Hello everybody and mainteners of WebODM, I have download Webodm and i have do some modification for example the navabar on the left side appear now on the top. and i have add some plugins like print the Geotiff 2D mode in pdf. i have do all these modification and when i start the webodm in the production, all my modifications have disapperead. Why ?? how solve this ? please help me
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Hey @emmadal :hand: that’s an interesting plugin! Is your code available on GitHub? We could simply include into WebODM, that would make it available in production.


ok no worries sir. My code is not available on Github but i tonight when i will go to the home i will make on github and do a pull request.


Hi @pierotofy, I have same issue while pushing changes to production mode. How can I solve this issue, Is it required the permission from you site to do that?

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