Processing using Parrot Bebop 2 camera

Hello gentlemen,
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Do you have any ideas for processing data from drones with fisheye camera? Like Parrot Bebop 2?
Does WebODM support it? If don’t, does anyone know if there is anyone working on that?

The fisheye lens is not currently supported by ODM, although the OpenSfM tool we use in the backend for the point cloud generation does, if you are only looking for point cloud outputs.

Thanks for the answer, and how can I install it in Windows OS?

We should add support for fish eye lenses. Are we tracking this feature on GitHub @dkbenjamin?


the current way to install on windows is via Docker:

I have attempted to utilize Parrot Bebop 2 images in WebODM and can’t get it to create an Orthophoto. I tried to rotate the photos so there is a horizon horizontal line and still after selecting fisheye lens I can’t get a good Orthophoto. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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