Processing time difference between WebODM (windows) and nodeODM (in firefox browser)

I processed 920 images using WebODM (Windows version on 8-core machine) and then tried same images using NodeODM in firefox browser. WebODM took nearly 2 hours to make fast ortho where NodeODM could reach about 6% progress in 2 hourse with same parameters for fast ortho.
Shouldn’t both ways result in same processing time?
I also tried WebODM on Linux server (12 core) but in even 4 hours job was incomplete. I thought processing on Linux might be faster but not so. Can anyone explain why it is so?


Perhaps you resized your images (it’s a default option in WebODM when you create a task).

Yes in WebODM images were resized (1048 px). In other two ways, I did not touch image resizing value: the default value was 1048 - appearing grey (in firefox browser interface)

I don’t suppose hardware could have come into play? If, say, you were running on Linux through a Live USB stick or something, and had it plugged into a USB 2.0 port, while your Windows install was running on a 32 GB/S NVMe drive, that could make a pretty massive difference in how quickly things get done…

Linux is installed on SSD on server but image data is on HDD of the server.

In case of windows OS, the processing time using WebODM (installer) and then node ODM in firefox browser should be same but it is not.
For nodeODM on Windows OS, I ran “docker run -p 3000:3000 opendronemap/nodeodm” then opened nodeODM in browser to start processing.

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