Processing stuck in "Reconstructing All Views"

Hey Everyone,

This is my first experience with webODM, but I ran into an issue. To start, I installed webODM on Ubuntu using docker image and that this is my first project on WebODM. So I imported 100 images to test it, and its been 12 Hours and it’s stuck in the “Reconstructing All View” stage with “69 out of 100 completed”. I check my resources and it seems they are all free. Which means either WebODM has stopped working for some unknown reasons. Here are the links to the screenshots.


Just to let you know, these are the specs of my machine (i know it’s under powered, but I have previously used agisoft metshape in this system, but never faced an issue like this, though in long run I dont intend on using this machine, as this is just for testing the plateform):

CPU: Core i3 7th gen
VGA: Nvidia GT 710
HDD: 1 TB (around 100GB used)