Processing Node Went Offline

Hi there…
Love this ODM very much.
Been using it for years. Easy to use and great.
But last week been through a problem. Got whatever error and already reinstall WebODM.
Now got this problem.

  1. Include a link to your images!

  2. Copy/paste the entire task output (not just parts of it) for everyone to read.
    It just show Running… there.

  3. Did you fine tune any parameters? Which ones?
    The parameter are at the screenshot.

  4. If applicable, what browser are you using? What operating system? How did you install the software? Be precise.
    I install WebODM from WebODM website long time ago.
    Install it using ubuntu terminal. Using Docker perhaps (not really sure)

Like at the ss shows, i already processing 893 photos with same configuration and nothing bad happen.
But when processing 730 photos got this error.
Will try uploading my dataset to google drive. Still uploading (my upload speed very slow).
Any help i can get?
Or are there something wrong with my parameter?

My dataset… please help

I don’t think the dataset in that link is going to process very well without all the files. They don’t even fit together:

Are you able to provide a link to the full 730 image dataset that you can’t get to work?

I thought i already upload all the images. I’ll try to see my google drive again.

I think i already upload all file now.
Please try it…
I’m using dronedeploy for taking photos using phantom 4.
With overlap 75% (setting from dronedeploy).

The photos process fine:

I guess that you may have had a resource or network issue at the time for it to disconnect.