Processing Node - Queue does not clear in native windows webodm

The queue of the default processing node-odm-1 does not clear. This leaves new tasks being stuck in a queued state. Restart of ODM and system does not reset the queue. Thoughts?

Native windows webODM 1.9.0 b12 (happened in previous build as well)

Can you provide some information as to how the task got stuck? Did you try to process something and ran out of memory?

You can always delete C:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\tasks.json to force NodeODM to remove all previous tasks as a workaround.

Thank you. I did have tasks that maxed out memory. I will try your workaround and see if that helps. Will provide more detail as I figure out at what point the process gets stuck.

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im also having this issue, after restarting the processing. tryed deleting it and re starting. still no luck even deleted the task.json no luck

ive been able to fix with a fresh install

After deleting tasks.json, did you restart WebODM?

What was the queue count from the processing node info panel after deleting the file?

after deleting i did restart, sadly i did not take note of the queue count just it was still in queue.

In my case the queue count is 1 without any projects/tasks assigned. I can add a new project/task which changes the queue count to 2. The task in that new project will get stuck at “queued”. I can cancel and delete that project and the queue goes back to 1, but not to 0.

Deleting node-odm-1 and restarting ODM will not reset the queue.
Uninstalling WebODM and then re-installing will reset the queue.

Ohh, I think I know why.

  • Close WebODM first
  • Delete tasks.json
  • Re-open WebODM.

Does it work then?

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Having the same problem with everything since installing latest version over here: Native windows webodm - #41 by Gordon

i can confirm that that way works on occasion, but i still have the issue of the queue getting stuck if the processing of the files fail

If you’re on build 14 (update if you’re not), there’s not a ToolsReset NodeODM button from the menu. You can use that to “unstuck” the queue.


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