Processing Node offline

Hello everyone ! I just installed this software with the installer … as you can see on the picture the processing node always remains offline … I read and did everything I found on the forum … but I still have the same problem … Someone have some possible solutions for me? Thank you very much in advance for your help!

This is currently affecting everyone.

Emergency fix:

Wait until docker images have rebuilt, then update (1-2 hours).

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I am not able to start anything on my side… everyone have the same trouble ?

Ahh. This would explain stuff I was seeing too. :smiley: I thought it was just me.

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@HighCloud did you try to update?

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Sorry, but I am new with this platform, what kind of update you mean ? I just run this installation on Mac to install it with the last version… I think lol

./ update or press the “Update” button if you bought the installer.

This may be a different issue, but I’m seeing “no processing nodes available” on various WebODM systems the last few days. When that happens, I go to Processing Nodes in the left nav, and click each node. After clicking a node and waiting a few seconds, the node responds and becomes available for processing. No issues after that.