Processing node offline issue

Hi Friends,

I love WebODM, using it from long time

I installed it on a new Windows machine, installation happened successfully. However, Processing node goes offline (node-odm-1 seems to be offline.) whenever I start WebODM fresh.

I found that, by manfully changing the hostname to ip address, this can be solved. Is there anything I can do to fix permanently

processing_node processing_node2

Thanks in Advance !!!

Do you have more information about your setup?

WebODM for Windows native should be using a localhost/loopback address for the node-odm-1 processing node, as it should default to processing on the same machine it is installed on.

Thanks, which information about setup is need?
I did not understood how to solve

docker windows

Did you purchase WebODM for Windows via UAV4Geo, or are you just running it on your own via Docker?

I am running WebODM via Docker

Ah, okay. Do you have a firewall, or perhaps any other modifications to your hosts file from something like SpyBot perhaps?

Also, if you purchased a license, reach out to

ok. thank you. I will check that out

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