Processing just part of the image set

Hi there,

I am new to webodm, have just installed it on my machine; and I am not a techie!

I have tried 3 different image sets, and for all of them, it seems that webodm is processing only a part of the images; the final image is just a piece of the actual flown area.

Any clues on that?

Thank you!

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Hi Alex. Do the photos overlap well (70-80%)? Can you share the image sets?


Hi Alessandro,

Yes, the images overlap well. Will share the image sets on a google drive folder.

Maybe if some images are not aligned, you can try to increase “min-num-features” and if you have resized the images to 2048, you can try to not resize the images or to resize to 4096 or something like that.



Hi - Just wondering if the suggestions in this string were helpful? I am struggling with alignment of overlapping images. I have yet to change the default 2048 resize parameter however.
Thanks in advance.