Processing images with gcps

Hi, everyone.
I’m processing images with GCPs but when it is finished, the processing stays like this. What do you think could be happening? My computer has 16GB Ram.
report-1.pdf (6.0 MB)

Looks like and EPSG error to me. Or more likely a unit issue. Are you working with both meters and feet ? It look like a scaling issue so it could be that you input the GCPs coordinates in the wrong unit.


Thank you, bernarde. I opened my points in ArcGis and generated the coordinates in UTM zone 20s in the attribute table. I defaulted to UTM due to the orthophoto output projection. Do you advise me to use geographic coordinates?

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Can you do us a favor and process the dataset on full Defaults without GCPs and attach the Report.PDF?

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Hi, Saijin.
I am submitting the photoset report without GCPs in this link: report.pdf - Google Drive .
Sorry, but it was too big to put here.

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You’ve made some error with your GCPs that is causing the model to be dramatically scaled and translated.

Your GPS error for the data itself is pretty excellent at below 3m for the collection!

I’d really carefully inspect and go over your GCPs again, and make sure you’re following best-practices.

5-7 GCPs evenly distributed across the site, 3-5 images per GCP is a good start.


Hello and thanks for the help.
I have one more question regarding the processing with GCPs: is it necessary that I assign the control point to all the images that it appears? Usually in 130 images of mine there are control points.
thank you

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No, not at all. Again, 3-5 images per GCP is normally sufficient. After that, you start getting rapidly diminishing returns in terms of improving accuracy, and you start compounding error which can reduce the accuracy of what you’ve created.

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Thank you for the help Saijin_naib. I will carry out the new processings.

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