Processing images from laquinta camera

I am working with the Laquinta multispectral camera.
I am new to WebODM so I don’t know where the problems with the processing come from.
So far I have been able to process the sample images Brighton Beach Road, so I suppose my installation (Windows, Docker version) is OK.
I have a laquinta.json file with camera settings. Uploading it to the task edit options doesn’t seem te work. Do I need to rename the file??
Copying the content directly into the settings doesn’t work either.
The content is like this

The processing stops with ‘Process exited with code 1’, but I don’t have any clue whether the camera options are the problem or not.
I chose the ‘fast orthophoto’ because I want to try to get a normal RGB image first. When that works I would like a NDVI or other index, but that is Phase 2.
I uploaded 186 images to google drive:

Can someone help me with tweaking the right task options or the camera json file?

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Have you tried the workflow Piero suggested here (decomposing the mutli-layer TIFFs to single TIFFs per band)?

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