Processing even after closing WebODM

Recently I tried to process a large number of images (1270) from a drone to obtain a 3d model. I did not calculate the capabilities of my computer and at a certain stage of processing, the RAM (16gb) and the swap file (64gb) filled up completely and the system froze.
After restarting the computer and launching WebODM, the project processing automatically continued, but I decided to delete the project and process it at another time with simplified processing options. But after deleting the project, I noticed that the “DensifyPointCloud” process in the task manager continues to process the deleted project after launching WebODM, and even after closing WebODM. (If you do not run WebODM after starting the computer, “DensifyPointCloud” will not start). And this happens every time WebODM is launched.
I can reinstall WebODM to get rid of this error, but maybe some logs will help fix it in the program code.
WebODM was installed using a paid installer.

P.S The “Дом 3d” project is an old project.

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