Processing datasets taken at different altitudes not everything appears in the reconstruction

I have a collection of datasets taken with good overlap to each other but different altitude.
My question is if I have two well overlapping datasets one taken at 120m altitude and another one at 220m should they stitch well with minimum features number set to 18000 (it’s a dense forest) because they seem don’t. All files get processed but only 120m altitude dataset appears in the orthophoto.
If processed separately they look fine and if I then add them both in QGIS the overlap zone they share seems quite sufficient.
The 120m altitude dataset taken with 80% front -70% side overlap, and 220m one with 90% front -76% side overlap.
I wonder should I overlap those datasets more or fly them at less different altitudes.

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That’s a really interesting question.

In theory, they should work together, but perhaps something needs to be adjusted to keep the higher images in the reconstruction.

Yeah. That what I though too when was setting the 220 altitude for the second dataset. They should work together fine in theory and from what I read here.

The reason of such difference in altitude is… Due very hard to access top of the hill I can’t start mapping right from there. I can only get to the say middle of that hill. so I fly from there towards the foot of that hill at 120 which is fine, but I can’t send the drone up that hill at the same 120 because it will scratch the trees up there… so I send it at 220 with higher overlap that might be needed when it reaches the top of that hill mapping area…

Now I am wondering if something can be done in ODM settings so they’d stitch and I don’t need to go there again redoing that as it’s quite a mission every time :slight_smile:

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I’m out of ideas at the moment… Hopefully someone else drops by with better ideas!

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