Processing Code 1 with Custom Camera Lens

Great forum and I’m excited for ODM to work. I’ve ran a 99 image dataset twice and experienced a Code 1 notification each time. I’m hopeful you all can help.

PC Hardware:
Lenovo Thinkpad P1, 32 GB, twin SSDs and Windows 10 Workstation

Drone and Sensor Hardware:
3DR Solo, Tower app, 250 AGL collection height, 3 sec/image rate, manually flown, est. 60-80% overlap
GoPro Hero 4 Silver, Peau Productions 8.25 mm lens, 8.25 mm focal length, full resolution, square image (no distortion)

Processing workflow:
Georeference with Geosetter
Import images (99 @ ~7MB each) with ODM
Process using default settings - receive Code 1 error

I have a hunch that the error code is in relation to the discrepancy between the Camera’s EXIF data and my actual lens focal length (8.25 mm). Can I change that setting? Other thoughts? I can provide a few sample images if requested. Thanks!

Hey Jason, could you post the full console output from the task you are processing? It might have more information that could help us provide suggestions.

@pierotofy thanks for the welcome and response. Below is a copy of the full console output. Curious to hear what you, and others, think.

A little more readable version below.

Also, I re-read your comment and noted that you said “full console output”. I’m beginning to understand how this UI works, I appreciate that request. In the “copy of your task’s output” it notes that the project ran out of RAM, see below. I’ll fix that and re-run tomorrow morning.

I noticed that the full console output contains 500 lines. If I encounter this/errors again, are there specific lines that are critical?