Processing about 14000 pics

Hi, I took about 14000 photos covering most of my college.
My project is to make a 3d map (or at least to obtain nice looking point cloud) .
I’ve been using amazon aws ec2 instance to run webodm but it keeps failing and it seems like i’m not even close to the choosing right instance.
Currently i’m trying on 32vcpu, 256gb of ram with resizing into 1024px.
I’ve already tried with 36vcpu, 64gb of ram but it failed due to ram shortage.
I’m quite new to this odm stuffs … Can anyone give me a rough guess about the required specs and the time it will take?

Since you’re resizing, you might be able to process them with these specs, but it’s pretty close. Make sure to allocate 256GB of swap as well. I would feel more confident with 512 (+ swap) though.

Processing time will be several days (more than 2, probably less than 6).

Consider using split-merge if you don’t need the textured 3D model.


Thanks, I’ll try with currrent settings first and change if more ram are required!

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