Process several datasets sequentially on Windows

Greetings fellow creators!

I searched and did not see a related topic.

Is there a simple way for a non computer programmer (perhaps with some assistance) to create a (MS DOS “like” batch file) to process a list of datasets sequentially with either the same or different processing inputs? I have dabbled in MS VBA so I am in no way a programmer. My last formal exposure to a programming language was Fortran77.

Some basic flow of the code (as I see it )
Run Dataset A [parameters]
ODM processes…
ODM completes processing Dataset A
Run Dataset B [parameters]
ODM processes…
ODM completes processing Dataset B
Run Dataset C [parameters]
ODM processes…
ODM completes processing Dataset C
and so on down the list

My datasets and parameters look like this:

run “E:/Meshroom/Norland_RD_2020_06” --build-overviews --fast-orthophoto --feature-quality ultra --pc-las --pc-quality ultra --skip-3dmodel --time --auto-boundary

run “E:/Projects/KORC_Field_2018_05_14_planar” --build-overviews --feature-quality ultra --pc-las --pc-quality ultra --skip-3dmodel --time --auto-boundary --sfm-algorithm planar

run “E:/Projects/KORC_Field_2018_05_14_planar .84-3” --feature-quality high --max-concurrency 14 --orthophoto-png --pc-quality high --rerun-from dataset --resize-to-1–skip-3dmodel --time

run “E:/Projects/KORC_Field_2018_05_14_planar .84-2” --feature-quality high --matcher-distance 50 --matcher-neighbors 30 --max-concurrency 14 --min-num-features 32000 --orthophoto-png --pc-quality high --rerun-from dataset --resize-to -1 --skip-3dmodel --time

I am just trying to avoid dead time on the processing PC between completion and my giving the command to start the next dataset to process.

Thanks in advance!


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You might be able to string them together with a conditional operator:

& for if you don’t care if the prior one succeeds or not, and && if it needs to succeed.


Awesome Saijin!

Thank you for helping me learn something today!

Who knew it was as simple as adding an & between my command strings

The final product looks like this:

Run Dataset A parameters & Run Dataset B parameters

run “E:/Meshroom/Norland_RD_2020_06” --build-overviews --fast-orthophoto --feature-quality ultra --pc-las --pc-quality ultra --skip-3dmodel --time --auto-boundary & run “E:/Projects/KORC_Field_2018_05_14_planar” --build-overviews --feature-quality ultra --pc-las --pc-quality ultra --skip-3dmodel --time --auto-boundary --sfm-algorithm planar


Isn’t it neat when things are this friendly? Doesn’t happen often haha.

Hopefully that suits you. If you need anything more robust than that, I think you’d need to dip into some coding, unfortunately.


I am going to use a spreadsheet to make a list to process with dataset paths and parameters. So no programming beyond that for the time being.

Thanks again for the help.