Process Images without geo Tagg information

HI Team,
Some of Drone Camera not added Geo information with images itself , while it is provided in csv format.
I need your suggestion that how can i geotagged those images using csv file with some command line tool so can automate this before passing images to OpenDronemap Script.


It’s funny you bring this up because my drone doesn’t tag with enough resolution, so I ended up removing all tagging information. I then just use ground control points to align the image. That appears to work just fine at this point. However, There are a lot of topics that I ran across on google that deals with adding RTK GPS synchronized readings to drone photo EXIF data. It might be worth taking a look down that path if you really want the GPS data in the photos themselves.

Thanks @teknosmurf for giving your thoughts. I don’t have GCP point or RTK information for processing images.
I have images with csv information which contains Geo information so i want to tag those information to specific image and process them normally. (Without Ground Control Point or RTK)

Understood, but the process of applying your CSV to the metadata of the image should be the same as the process to do the RTK data to image metadata since the RTK data comes as a CSV usually.

I haven’t used RTK data processing. Can you guide me how to use CSV file to update images Geo information before processing.

This is an example of a viable workflow. There are many articles on how to do what you’re asking on Google, including some using Lightroom and things of that nature, but I would start with something like this:

@katarias : Have you found an example that works for you? I don’t know how familiar you are with R, but I prepared two short scripts a while ago to read and write EXIF data. I could provide you an R script for writing external GPS information (e.g. from a csv-file) into the metadata of your images.

@teknosmurf like this method using gdal_translate, i will check if that help.
@agroos Not familiar with R , i will go with exiftool and gdal_translate hope that will work.