Process failed in Custom Parameter

i have 223 images to process in high quality parameter and then i custom it with changing these parameters:
pmvs-level = 0
pmvs-min-images = 5
opensfm-processes = 2
pmvs-wsize = 10

but i got this error after running 11 hours…

do i make a mistake in setting the parameter ?
i try to create good 3D Mesh result, is there any best option in setting the parameter ?

The error seems related to the generation of the DSM. If you don’t need a digital surface model (only a 3D model), you should try to disable the dsm option (which is enabled by default, it’s a checkbox).

ok i will try it…
but, do you know why that error happens ?
is that because the parameters which i set isnt correct ?
is there any correlation between some particular parameters ?

The pmvs- parameters have no effect on processing, unless you turn on use-pmvs as well.

I’m not sure what caused the error.