Process exited with code 1 with WebODM - Process completes flawlessly with Lightning

Title says it all. I completed the same project with the WebODM Lightning, but after I purchased the WebODM installer (not so good with command line…) and after I installed and run WebODM, the same images produced the “Process exited with code 1” error. Any ideas why???

My PC is running on an Intel i9-9900KF, with 32GB RAM.

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You’re likely running out of RAM.

Try dialing back settings a bit for now.

Yes…I think that was it! I tweaked the settings of Docker and dedicated 6 CPU cores and 16GB of RAM and it worked fine!!

Thank you!!


Awesome! If you can, think about more RAM for that machine… I’m going to have to increase mine, as well (32GB).

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Combination between WebODM Lightning and local nodeODM with the docker WSL 2 as backend on windows is my favorite setup.


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