Process exited with code 1 Spark data

I collected a bunch of images using a DJI Spark (vertical pointed camera over an area). I’m trying to process them using the newest WebODM on a Linux box with plenty of memory. I keep getting “Process exited with code 1”
I’ve tried a bunch of different settings without much progress.
I searched around this forum and the internet. It seems that the DJI Spark EXIF data only stores deg min sec and no decimal values. So that might be the problem. (at least that is true, and several others have reported issues with ODM and using Spark data).
Are there any settings that might help? Clearly ODM uses GPS as an approximation anyway, since it would not have “pixel level accuracy”. Can this be tuned at all? For example would decreasing (or increasing) --matcher-neighbors help at all? Perhaps someone with a better understanding of the inner-workings of these settings can help.

You can rewrite those EXIF values with exiftool, which may help.

I can’t rewrite the EXIF data if it was not stored. Only the d:m:s is saved. And, I think that is just too low a resolution.

The real coordinates might be packed into the XMP data instead (like the DJI Mavic Air):