“Process exited with code 1” on Xeon E5675 x 2 with 64 GB Ram

Hello. I haven’t been able to process images from my phantom 3 Pro.
My processing options, on Windows 10 Pro Ver 1803 (OS Build 17134.345)
Firefox 62.0.3 and I installed WebODM with the windows installer, updated few hour ago.
Here’s an example data set that fails with the message “Process exited with code 1”.
The task output is here:

And after the failure, I have reprocess the work again selecting restart from Orthophoto and here is the log file from the second fail attemp.

Please recommend me what are the problems. What should I do to get very high quality orthophoto picture.
My Computer is SUpermicro 8X DLT-6F with 2 E5675 CPU with 64GB or 1333Mhz Ram.

Same problem?