Process exited with code 1 ... no additional info

Process exited… no any additional info … several times. Im running on Mac Safari gave 12GB ram (from 16) …

Hey @kotaib :hand: if you expand the task, from the “Task Output” panel of the task is there anything (or is it just blank)?

Can you copy/paste a screenshot of the “Diagnostic” panel of WebODM?

Totally empty … before i managed to process 4 img (however over there there was some offset, but it is different issue)

Mm, how does the (WebODM) Diagnostic panel look like?

Hi, @kotaib. Try running the images from the small “banana” dataset here, and see if that completes successfully. It should finish in less than 30 minutes.

Nothing wrong with the images, they processed fine on

I’m guessing it might be a problem of available disk space perhaps.

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Thanks, seems MBP is not powerful enough :expressionless: