Process excited with code 1

i have 64 bit CPU and working with docker on windows.
i am working with pyodm but getting this error “Process excited witj code 1”


That usually means insufficient RAM.

How much system RAM do you have, and how much allocated to docker?

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i have 8 gb ram 1|690x314

That is not much. How much is allocated to docker?

I kind of gave up on processing locally with 16GB of RAM. Saijin how does one tell how much is allocated to docker? I’m really new to all of this but especially to docker.


Open the Diagnostic panel in WebODM. It displays memory information that reflects the docker environment.



This errorcode afflicted me for very long time.
I solved with a very large swap file (38 GB of swap file allocated).

My system is running Linux (Ubuntu) and has 20GB of physical RAM (yes, it’s strange :-).

In past, I did a 2GB swap file for preserve SSD integrity (swappiness = 10).
This worked very fine for every software installed (Blender, QGIS, FreeCAD, Virtualbox with Win10 guests with 8 GB RAM assigned, etc) without any kind of problem, but it is not enough for WebODM/ODM.

When I started using WebODM, my first projects were 80-100 images from drone survey, and computer was able to complete processes without errorcodes at all.

But, when surveys became large (more than 200-300 images for every project), I got a lot of errorcodes = 1. However, I was able to complete elaborations, running the activities again and again with the “continue elaboration” option.

At the last, my surveys becames about 300-500 images each. Errorcodes =1 were too much frequent.

Leaving a system monitor software in background, I discover that ODM makes a complete use of RAM and swap file. So, I simply made a larger swap file.

I know that this will kill my SSD, but at the moment I’m not interested to expand RAM.

Hope this will be useful.

Best wishes


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