Process close computer

Hello everybody,

This is my first post, and I would like to thanks all for the incredible job done.

Yesterday I finished installing everything on my linux and when creating an ortophoto, the system begins to process and suddenly the computer shuts down. The photos to join come from a fixed wing drone.

Do you know what can happen?

Many thanks

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Sounds like possible out of memory issue, kernel panic, or possibly thermal shutdown.

What are the specs of the machine you are using?

Hi @Saijin

This is my computer features:
CPU: Quad Core Intel Core i7-3610QM (-MT MCP-)
speed/min/max: 1281/1200/3300 MHz Kernel: 5.8.0-38-generic x86_64 Up: 4m
Mem: 2055.1/15898.4 MiB (12.9%) Storage: 223.57 GiB (18.2% used) Procs: 337
Shell: bash 5.0.17 inxi: 3.0.38


Have you run memtest?

Also, do you have your laptop on a hard surface with adequate ventilation?

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