Problems with thermal mapping (LWIR) with my DJI M3T data

Hello all,

I am currently gaining my first experience with the DJI M3T drone and using the Windows-based version of webODM to generate raster data from the raw drone data.

Orthophotos and DEM work well. What doesn’t want to work at all so far is area-wide thermal imagery (thermal mapping). I have read that there is an extension that can be used to generate LWIR images (possibly not for my camera, but I at least wanted to try). For this I have enabled the parameter “radiometric-calibration camera”. However, after successful map generation, I cannot set the LWIR alrorithm in the “Plant health” tab. What am I doing wrong?

I would be very grateful for some help and look forward to your feedback.


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You might need to wait a few days, we haven’t updated the native Windows version of ODM/WebODM to support well LWIR bands yet.