Problems with multispectral (10 band 16 bit images)

Hi Folks, I’m working with a Micasense dual camera with 10 bands.

I was able to process the data from the two cameras separately (5 bands each), (Specifying the primary-band). The 10 bands together, however, do not seem to work with WebODM, even when I specify the primary-band parameter. Webodom will run the orthophoto but will not recognize it as a multi-band dataset.

Any help?

I’m running native.


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Looks like the limit is 8 bands? the function def detect_multi_camera at ODM/ at e4d162ec8369bfc7ebdc269de9e6817bbc215524 · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub

def detect_multi_camera(self):
Looks at the reconstruction photos and determines if this
is a single or multi-camera setup.

    band_photos = {}
    band_indexes = {}

    for p in
        if not p.band_name in band_photos:
            band_photos[p.band_name] = []
        if not p.band_name in band_indexes:
            band_indexes[p.band_name] = p.band_index

    bands_count = len(band_photos)
    *if bands_count >= 2 and bands_count <= 8:*
        # Validate that all bands have the same number of images,
        # otherwise this is not a multi-camera setup
        img_per_band = len(band_photos[p.band_name])
        for band in band_photos:
            if len(band_photos[band]) != img_per_band:
                log.ODM_ERROR("Multi-camera setup detected, but band \"%s\" (identified from \"%s\") has only %s images (instead of %s), perhaps images are missing or are corrupted. Please include all necessary files to process all bands and try again." % (band, band_photos[band][0].filename, len(band_photos[band]), img_per_band))
                raise RuntimeError("Invalid multi-camera images")
        mc = []
        for band_name in band_indexes:
            mc.append({'name': band_name, 'photos': band_photos[band_name]})
        # Sort by band index
        mc.sort(key=lambda x: band_indexes[x['name']])

        return mc

    return None

is there a good reason for: “if bands_count >= 2 and bands_count <= 8:”?

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I can’t say authoritatively, but it might just have been based upon what was commonly available.

Are you able to test your patch locally?

I just changed 8 to 10, locally, and it works fine.
The problem is that it will not run when using the lighting node.


Right, this change would have to be pushed upstream to ODM, tested, and then deployed out to Lightning.

Are you able to open a PR or Issue on the ODM tracker to help us with this?

I wish I knew how to do that!
You mean on Github? pardon but, I’m not a code expert.

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Yep, on GitHub!

Link above is a really abbreviated workflow to submit a change. Let me know if that gets you headed the right way.

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