Problems with logging and clock

The past couple of months on the latest builds of win webodm I have experienced failure to update the clock and logs while processing.
The dashboard clock fails to refresh and on reopening the dashboard even reverts back to an earlier time.
The console log also stops updating. Looking at app and pgsql logs they are created but nothing is written to them.
These situations exist despite deleting all previous tasks, freeing up disk space etc. I am contemplating an uninstall / reinstall odm.
Is anyone else experiencing these problems?


OS, install process, and similar info would be a helpful start on troubleshooting. We’ll get you sorted.

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ok. I assume this is not a common problem then.

  • winwebodm on an amd 5950x 128gb ram running on a 2tb ssd windows 10.
    Uninstalled docker etc.
    Installed from first windows odm release, updated via winodm each subsequent build.
    This problem appeared only after last 2 -3 builds.
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Are you installing as an elevated/admin user with UAC, or is it installing as a standard user with per-user installation (ending up somewhere in AppData under your username)?

I’ve been working outside all afternoon, but yes I’ve noticed weirdness with the clock/logging, posted in this thread:

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While on the subject of timing has the issue of UTC offset to local time been fixed in the quality reports, where the sign of the offset was incorrect, ie add instead of subtract the offset?

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Installed windows version back in June but looks like standard user installation. I think I will abort current task and reinstall odm as admin, clean up registry etc. If problem is not resolved I will get back to this thread. Thanks


No success, in fact the installation is broken even more.
I uninstalled webodm, cleaned the registry, user accounts, temporary files of webodm files, even a few leftover docker files.
i performed a clean install of build 45. After about 25 hours console logging stopped. The app and pgsql logs remained empty. To make matters worse, the progress bar showed nothing and was blank for the whole period of processing.
Nevertheless, there was python activity and writing to the disc so I let things continue.
Now after about 125 hours processing, activity seems to have stopped. I have found no evidence that any outputs have been produced.
there is one thing left to do and that is to remove another pg installation which perhaps conflicts with the odm one. The strange thing though is that I managed to successfully process projects on win odm until the last couple of builds …

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Some similarities with part of this thread:

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