Problem with webodm generated DSM/DTM

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How may i calibrate the datasets outside of webodm??

How may i calibrate the datasets?

Most sfm software include its own calibration (and ODM do it as well) but it’s less good than a laboratory or real calibration. Lensfun have a process with hugin to detect lens distorsion with modern building pictures, then it updates lib Lensfun database.
Lensfun already include Mavic pro. You could try yo process tour photo with darktable (an opensource photo processor like lightroom) before running ODM.
I’ll have to look further if profile is for raw pictures or jpeg or if there are both profiles.
Pix4d includes a lot of camera profiles of well known sensors/lens combination like canon s100, Sony wx220 for example and of course all dji’s camera

Yes, this is what I would recommend – running it through Lensfun.

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Thanks! ive ran in webodm a calibrated data set in darktable, and i still get the bowl shape pointcloud. or maybe im doing something wrong in darktable… is there a tutorial or instructions on how to do it correctly in darktable?
and once calibrated do i have to tell webodm to not run calibration within webodm??

Try setting -use-fixed-camera-params. This will tell ODM to skip camera calibration.

@smathermather i used the parameter you suggested with pictures straight from the mavic without any prior calibration and the point cloud came out flat :slight_smile: but still i could not get the post process in qgis rigth…:frowning: i guess its not accurate yet… i will upload later a workflow in qgis of what i`m trying to do for you to see