Problem with QGIS Raster Extraction

Hi guys,

I have generated 2 times the same orthomosaic, one with WebODM and another one with a different software.

The point is that I can’t crop the WebODMmosaic in QGIS using Raster/Extraction/Cutting Raster by mask layer, but it work perfectly with the raster generated with other software.

Any clues? Thank you,



This should work as I do so regularly.

Can you provide the raster, your mask, and your qgis project?

Thank you Saijin,

I tried several times and I couldn’t. I am using the native windows version. I tried with the geotiff and the png files without success. Here you can find the raster, mask and qgis project:

Where’s your PNGW? You’re going to need both the raster and the vector to be properly georeferenced, with the appropriate georeference files (prj for SHP, PNGW for PNG), or use a format that supports this natively (GeoTIFF).

You’re also working in global EPSG:4326 instead of the local UTM CRS WebODM should have selected for you.

This is not going to work:

See how your data is not only off the surface of the Earth, but also many times larger?

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