Problem with metadata

I work with new UAV, and as expected UAV is writing metadata to Exif, also i have log files.

This trouble only with this drone.

How this problem looks:

  • Point cloud - always good
  • On start of processing i see coordinates in photos exists in logs
  • I checked coordinates on photos and this looks good.
  • In the end of processing i got error (via web interface)

“An orthophoto could not be generated. To generate one, make sure GPS information is embedded in the EXIF tags of your images, or use a Ground Control Points (GCP) file.” (i attached logs to this message)

What I tried:

  1. i wrote parser of logs, and replace metadata of each photo to new (i use piexif and gpsphoto python libraries)

  2. i wrote script for converting uav logs to gps_list

But this didn’t solve my problem.
I think this problem related to writing data to exif…

Link to dataset

logs in shared folder