Problem with installer

hi , so i’ve already purchased for the installer

Windows 10 64
Ryzen 5 3600 6c 12t
RX 580

for the first time installing webODM , its work fine, its just ia have issue with computer become so lagging

ive tried everything, but i cant even open my folder or drive. Run AV and other software like CCleaner pro and it still cant solve the problem with laging. So i uninstall WebODM and voila everything is back to normal, no lag or whatsoever

my question is : is it my system not good enough to run this WebODM ?
after quiting WebODM the problem still exist, uninstalling it will silve the problem.

im having the latest windows update and installing WebODM on an nvme.m2 trying reinstall it on other drive and it just the same result

i need some help, since idk how to contact support from WebODM, if someone from ODM read this, pls help me with this issue

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Welcome, Donny!

Sorry to read you’ve been having trouble.

You can always concact UAV4Geo support at [email protected]

ok , ill go for support then, still need some respond from those who maybe have the same issue

This is the first I’ve heard of any generalized systemic performance issues when the software isn’t even running. But yeah, reach out so I can take a better look.

yeah , i already set firewall, antivirus on and off
checking registry and etc but i still causing lag

all of my software are either subscribe or single license so i think the problem comes from webodm installer only

idk how to sent some test file or registry taht could help or see any option for that on webodm installer after installing it. so frustating while having a lot job to do.

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