Problem to connect ODM windows cluster

Good morning.
I installed last webodm version in a win10 pro pc and everthing goes right but now i’m unable to connect other pc in cluster mode using clusterodm.exe (1.5.3)


  1. Do all the PCs belonging to the cluster need to have installed the webodm web program or is it enought to have only the clusterodm.exe installad on cluster pcs?
  2. Is there any documentation for how to set up a clusterodm on windows platform?
  3. Now when i try to connect webodm to configured cluster nodes the system returns a “?” on Engine label … and not the version number…

Thank you for help

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ClusterODM is a marshaller, so you’d need NodeODM or WebODM on the machines you’d want to connect to for processing.

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Perfect, It works!
Could you explain how to set the task distribution on nodes ? How to distribute the task on all available nodes?
Is It possibile to split a task in all the cluster nodes to speed up the calulation?
PS. On scheduled tasks now i see only “auto” or “particular node” selection…

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Is the auto option not sending jobs to your nodes that are attached to ClusterODM?

It seems that the most used is the local node and not the other ones… perhaps the problem lies in some configuration concerning the task configuration such as the repartition of the number of photos to be processed for each node … i do not understand.

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Are you’re positive that ClusterODM can see and talk to each of those NodeODM instances?

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