Problem installing webODM

Hello, i’m trying to install WebODM, but i have an error. When I run WebODM Manager, it’s seems to create the VM, but i’ts block in "(webodm) Waiting for an IP…"
Please help me :sob::sob::sob:

I have seen that when OpenSSH is installed. Uninstalling it usually fixes it.

Quoting Piero:

Try the following:

  • Press Windows Key, type “Manage optional features” and press Enter.
  • From the panel, search for “OpenSSH Client”, click it and press “Uninstall”.
  • Start WebODM Manager.
  • If you still get the error, press the “Remove VM” button from the maintenance panel.

Does it work then? If it doesn’t please include your operating system version and a copy of the console log.

Hello, I don’t have OpenSSH on my computer :confused:

Hey @superglue :hand: how long have you waited? I’ve seen that step taking as much as 5 minutes to complete. Also you can try to restart your computer and pressing the “Delete VM” button and starting over.