Problem during the installation of WebODM

I am installing WebODM and I have a problem it’s been almost 24 hours since I am connected and the installation is not finished
implementation procedure respected
python then docker then webodm
virual box works as well as docker toolbox
I enclose image copies of the newspaper

after uninstalling WebODM (deletion of the file and deletion of GuiWebODM) I wanted to redo an installation and I replied with a copy of the log image

unable to start software and no connection

Your last log appears to have started successfully. What happens when you visit http://localhost:8000 in a browser?

when i want to open the browser page i come across a search page which shows me all the sites which uses the IP addresses ending in 8000
for the moment I have uninstalled everything PYTHON, DOCKER and WEBODM and made a system recovery. tomorrow I think to redo a complete installation and I will see if my installation problem will reproduce because I think that I did not have access to the good web page come because the installation is not done in full

Good morning all
after reinstalling python 3.7.6 exe and docker toolbox 18.09.03exe I again wanted to install WebODM, after a download carried out without problem, I launched WebODM for its first start-up and I had the same messages as those which I put at beginning of this discussion (therefore a very slow start-up over 24 hours without which it ends) .normally how long does the first start-up take?

I just deleted my WebODM folder and did a fresh reinstall, took maybe 10 minutes (or less, I was printing something while it happened). It shouldn’t be that long for you.

it looks like the software wants to make changes we repeat this sentence

100 changes in 300 seconds. saving…
Background saving started by pid 290
DB saved on disk
RDB:0 MB of memory used by copy-on-write
Background saving terminated with success

it started at pid number 15 and I stopped it at pid 300

I wonder if my installation problem would not come from the configuration of my virtual box
computer feature
intel i5 3.2 GHz RAM 8GO free space 400GO
virtual box setting
RAM 4016 MB processor Resources Allocated 50%

new test, it’s a little better but not yet perfect. I have a message that webodm should work, but when I try to open it with my browser it does not work

You need to put the URL into the address bar, not into Google search.

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hello ITWarrior
I just tested your board even by putting the IP address in the google search bar, I get the same result I did the same test with IE and the result is always the same page.
I saw that we could test the docker connection but I don’t know the command line

Hurray! :smiley:
successful connection and creation of my account
my problem was that my firewall was not configured for the broker connection and therefore no open port