Problem connecting to server

I was refered to the community from the github problem page.

How did you install OpenDroneMap? (Docker, natively, …)?

installed via Docker

What’s your browser and operating system?

Chrome 83 on Windows 10

What is the problem?

it appears I can’t conect to the server

What should be the expected behavior? If this is a feature request, please describe in detail the changes you think should be made to the code, citing files and lines where changes should be made, if possible.

I can’t run ODM because of it

How can we reproduce this? (What steps did you do to trigger the problem? What parameters are you using for processing? If possible please include a copy of your dataset uploaded on Google Drive or Dropbox. Be detailed)

trying to run via docker

Do other people have trouble with connecting to the server?

tried to reinstall via cmd:

link to the full github issue