Prefered filters for Meshlab

I was curious what filters people use in meshlab to polish their 3d meshes. The thing I particularly struggle with is filling in very large holes and having the filled in sections be the same color as the surrounding mesh.


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I don’t anymore. For one thing, I think we need to improve the meshes coming out of ODM, so I tend to dive into the processing chain and grab the watertight version of the mesh as here:

And then post-processing I do in a combination of Instant Meshes and Blender, not yet fully documented but started here:

But, there’s a lot of space for learning and experimentation here.

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I personally have tried using blender for webodm meshes but I can never get it to show up in the software. So would you basically recommend an ordinary user like myself to simple just use webodm for producing orthos, dtms, dsms, and point clouds for now until the issues with meshes are fixed?

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