Predict required memory

Is there a way to predict how much memory will be required for a given set of images and a choice of workflows? E.g. I have 200 images, and select the “High-resolution” workflow in WebODM and then the software tells me that I require X GB.

This would be very useful. Then you don’t have to wait many hours to find out that you run out of memory and must restart,…


I think @coreysnipes initiative points in this direction, but it is not yet a feature on a roadmap.


Thanks for the great resource!!

I am a new user (typically have used Metashape) and am very happy with ODM, except that I have no Idea how many resources are required and am constantly crashing when it runs out of memory. I know I can subset the data etc. but this adds steps to a workflow that already has many steps. I do think a warning that tells you that you likely do not have enough resources in your docker to complete your task would save a lot of time/troubleshooting and related questions.

Thanks again!

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Yes, it’s definitely a good idea.

Yes, I agree this would be very helpful. Likewise, it would be helpful to have some vague idea of disk space required for processing. (A less common problem, but has bitten me more than once.) The benchmarks project doesn’t really help with identifying disk space requirements, but could.
@smathermather if I were to track this a feature request on one of the Github repos, which would be most appropriate? WebODM or ODM?

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