Pre processing feature



I wish to propose a mechanism to do some pre processing step - similar to postprocessing script - to do something - for instance, image correction, or geotagg adjustment, metadata operation, folder or file operation - can be anything) before call ODM process.
The simple explanation would be, like we have postprocessing script to have something equals but called preprocessing script to run before ODB process start.


I’m all for it. Perhaps this can be added as a plugin hook in from

Would you have time to contribute a PR?


This would be great, especially for, e.g. lens distortion correction.


Hi @pierotofy

I will study a little about the plugin and let with me this part :slight_smile: BTW, if you have some time I wish to talk about that “image slice” :slight_smile:

@smathermather-cm that is the main idea for now :slight_smile: