Pre-match calculation

To calculate pre-match values I made an Excel, Excel is great!

You enter values for overlap, gsd, pixel hight/width and get matching radius and neigbours.

Heres the file, enjoy!


Sounds good, but unfortunately I just see a blank white page with that link. Do I need a Dropbox account?

According to Dropbox you shouldn’t have to.

If I could get your email I can send it to you.

I’ve managed to get it by editing the link to make it work. It ends with
/Pre-match.ods?dl=0, which I changed to dl=1

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I hope you like it.

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Without looking through the calculations, are you taking the centre point of an image when determining the matching distances and neighbour numbers? I asked about this, ie where it is measured from, in another thread and the answer is still unknown, yet to be looked into.
I’ll start another thread with details, but using a matching distance of 60m does not stop the program trying to match images almost 1km away!

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Matching distance use a radius but it works with matching-neighbours so if that is set two high it might search farther away.

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