i’ve asked this before but in a different way. Is it possible to view only the 3d model from outside of the webodm platform, without username/password access? If not, is there a way to view the cloud.zip file downloaded from the webodm platform? I’ve tried several ways using potree from git, but being a noob, I don’t fully undestand how to apply the distance/bbox and starting viewpoint of my projects.
Any help on this? i’ve emailed the potree developer but have had no luck since.


You can press the “Share” button from the 3D view. As long as your WebODM instance is reachable from a public address, you don’t need credentials.

Thanks!!! Never did see that and in the meanwhile it was staring me in the face …


Another option for allowing others to easily view point clouds is plas.io. I use WebODM offline and I have found that plas.io is a good alternative to the potree viewer.

Hello! I’ve tried it already. There is still a great deal of setting up that i’m not familiar with nor have the expertise to put up and running …
The sharing option is ok, but it involves getting my webodm into my dmz, which isn’t a bad idea.

Thanks for the help and reply!