Postgres is unavailable - sleeping WebODM will not start

Web ODM will not start. When I try I get this message,
postgres is unavailable - sleeping

I am using windows 10 operating system with an HP DESKTOP-HF2M38V
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Any help will be appreciated


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How do you have it installed? Docker version? WebODM for Windows native?

I installed Web ODM years ago and it has worked just fine. the last time I used it was about 6 months ago, with no problem.I just updated WebODM and Docker this weekend to the most recent versions, but it didn’t start before the updates either.
How do I find my docker version?

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Weird that it stopped.

docker version | Docker Documentation

Maybe purge/re-install is in order?

How do I download the app again without paying for it again? I think I’ve already paid twice.

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No fun! Sent you a pm, we’ll get you taken care of.

Where do I find my PM’s? Can you please just email me the link?

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