Post Processing SNAG


Newb to ODM here. I hope I am in the topic, if not please refer me to the right topic area. I only have a faint grasp of how docker works, I get it is a virtual machine, I have been having issues getting data to process, I have gotten the Make sure only pictures are used error, the dreaded error 1 etc. I am sure it is related to memory. I setup an external node through lightening, and I finally gotten several to process through, but they seem to snag and freeze at the post process after it say it is zipping. How do I change the memory and harddrive space in docker. I have read the link on how to, but I am not sure how to open docker properly to change this. Can anyone give me a step by step? When I checked diagnostics it appears that the memory was completely used.


Console file is here


Hey @Eric_Gamble :hand: does this link help?

If you don’t see a “white whale” icon in the task tray, instead find the “VirtualBox Manager” application and right click the “webodm” virtual machine. The memory settings should be there.


I am having an issue with the proper procedure to shut it down and get the slider in vm to move. I do not have a white whale with this installation, just Oracle VM Virtualbox. I get that i need to shut it down, but it doesn’t seem to open the sliders. I did accomplish a change by deleting the vm in ODM manager and reinstalling, but I have files in there now and don’t want to lose them. Sorry this whole VM docker thing is confusing for me still.


From the “VirtualBox Manager” application, if you right click “webodm” you should be able to turn off the VM. Then the memory sliders should become available. If they don’t, can you post screenshots of what you are seeing?


Thanks Peiro. You seem to be a one man army good sir! Dumb question, I assume I cannot do this while processing local node? What about during processing on a lightening node?