Possible to define specific multispectral indexes?

Introduction myself - From long time I folloe this group and read and to it’s my first question. Thanks

Using WebDOM I loook the way to be able to specify my favorites multispectral indexes and not proceed all. Ex: NDVI + VARI

How is possible ?

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Welcome, Orca!

Are you asking if you can customize the list of indices so that only a few show up for people using your copy of WebODM?

What type of images are you using?

There’s a lot you can do in QGis with images to make NDVI and others.

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Hi Saijin_Naib,

Before start the processing I want to be able to proceed only NDVI and VARI. I don’t need others indexes. It’s possible to define into the Customize modal window which indexes to proceed only ? It’s like when I put a GeoJSON to limit the process to a boundary but not I want to specify indexes.

The result from the processed map will show only under Plant Healt "Algorithm " NDVI and VARI indexes.

Hope you understand.

I come from Pix4DFields where the process is :

  1. Create ortho
  2. Apply boundary to the ortho (optional)
  3. Generate indexes “Algorithm” we want

My images are from Micasense Altum


The other indices aren’t generated during processing. They’re calculated on the fly when you choose them from the drop-down.

Saijin_Naib, that’s why I never for the answers when I searching for that :wink:

Question 2 : From your answer, it’s possible in this way to limit to an user to see only few Algorithm available to generate on the fly ? My use case is when I share a map to an user, I want to allow only NDVI and VARI to be generated on the fly.


Yes, you’d have to modify some of the source files for you instance of WebODM:

Thank you for your informatioms, very appreciate.


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