Poor accuracy of Mavic imagery


I’ve been testing ODM and have few questions.

  1. I’ve processed different datasets and it seems that results vary depending on drone used. Projects that have been captured using Phantom drone have good accuracy, but Mavic data is always 40 - 80 cm off. Has anybody else has noticed similar pattern and what might be causing this?

2.I have processed the same data in Agisoft without problems and ortho accuracy is under 5cm. This tells me that there’s no problem with data. I assume that problem comes from bad choice of processing parameters. Do you have suggestions on what might improve project accuracy? I’m using basic command line:

docker run -ti --rm -v E:/ODM/2614:/datasets/code opendronemap/odm --project-path /datasets --gcp “/datasets/code/gcp_list.txt”



One reason could be that Agisoft has rolling shutter correction and ODM does not. Did you bring the Mavic to a full stop while taking photos? If not, you probably will have some rolling shutter distortion that ODM cannot model.

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Yes, this is likely the issue. I love having a number for the error though… 40-80cm.

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