Ponderosa Pine Tree Bark

Here is my latest project. This is the bark of a Ponderosa pine tree. I shot 26 photos with my Pixel 5a, then processed them with WebODM. Somehow I managed to turn on portrait mode on my phone camera, so every photo has blurry edges. WebODM processed them anyway, with amazingly good results.

Processing options:
debug: true, matcher-neighbors: 30, max-concurrency: 14, mesh-octree-depth: 13, mesh-size: 1000000, min-num-features: 50000, pc-quality: ultra, resize-to: -1, skip-orthophoto: true, verbose: true

I did further processing in Blender to eliminate a few extraneous bits and reduce the file size by decimating at 50%. I also converted all of the PNG texture files to JPG to reduce the size for Sketchfab.

The model can be seen in Sketchfab

I then animated it in Blender. This is my first time using Blender for animation. I found a very helpful tutorial on YouTube: Camera follow path, Object follow path, Camera follow object - blender 2.9 tutorial - YouTube.

The results can be found at Ponderosa Pine Tree Bark - YouTube .


Nice work Gary.
How much were you able to reduce the total size of the texture files by when you converted to JPG?

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Thank you, Gordon.

The PNG files totaled about 95MB, and the JPG files totaled about 23MB. That will vary depending on the quality of the JPG files. I compressed them at Photoshop’s “5” quality. Comparing one of the JPG and PNG files side by side, I really can’t see any difference.