Point clouds and textured 3D models/map placement

When I generate 3D Maps and view the content on the 3D Viewer I notice the placement of the point cloud and textured 3D model are different. Shouldn’t they be co-located within the Viewer (so that when I enable/disable textured model) so that continually adjust my view from the 3D Viewer?

So in theory they should align, but potree uses a specific coordinate system to display the point cloud and the textured model uses another. We literally implemented the “load texture model” feature in 30 minutes by loading the OBJ/MTL file, finding its bounding box and placing the model at the center of the scene, with the center of the bbox as the center of the model.

There’s for sure a way to properly orient the model so that it aligns with the point cloud. We would love contributions for it.

Can you help me to implement this feature for one of my projects?

Point clouds and 3D models are already aligning correctly in the latest version of the software :clinking_glasses: