Point cloud used to create the mesh?

I’m experimenting with my output files and as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have some issues with the generated point cloud (noise and obvious bad points) due to anomalies like sun glint on water and strange points generated below or far above the horizon. As a result the mesh looks strange in the spots that correspond to the bad point cloud points.

I assume the point cloud is created and the mesh is created based on the point cloud (maybe I don’t understand the process as well as I think I do) anyway I took the point cloud and cleaned it up in cloud compare. Can I take this point cloud and insert it back into the process so I hopefully get a cleaner looking mesh? I know that other products allow you to clean up the point cloud but having cloud compare and some patience and I’m able to do the same (probably better, certainly freer…)

Can I insert the updated point cloud into the process and recreate the mesh? How would I do that? Command Line?

Thanks in advance

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No, it definitely sounds like you have a good handle on it.

Try this workflow:

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I’ll give it a try. Here’s a screenshot of the cleaned point cloud in cloud compare.

I got a message that I should have paid more attention to when I opened the point cloud in cloud compare something about saying the coordinates were too big. I may have to do something to fix this going back into WebODM. Cloud compare is really cool. A lot of control over the editing process. I think this would come in really handy when you want to clean up building wall and roof anomalies. Delete some noisy points and the whole mesh will look cleaner and less melty.


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